Andrew came to Hollywood on a winding road. Growing up in North Carolina, he developed a love for sports and the outdoors, and a repertoire of Southern dialects.

He went on to study Finance at The Wharton School and International Relations at the University of Pennsylvania before becoming an Investment Banker. This is when he learned to survive on the mean streets of West Philly and NYC. ;) 

While studying Political Science and working as an Investment Banker in Paris, he became fluent in French and developed an ear for European accents. All the while, he was learning to be at ease in a wide variety of environments and studying the behaviors of a wide variety of people. 

Ultimately, he could no longer deny his OTP and moved to LA to join the entertainment industry. Since then, he has appeared in numerous films, tv shows, national commercials, and plays. 

He enjoys playing passionate characters who are emotionally and/or mentally intelligent with a twist. 

When he's not acting, he produces indie films, and consults for indie films and tv shows to demystify entertainment finance for fellow storytellers. 

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